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Sheri’s New Jersey Home Boudoir Shoot

It’s hard being a woman in modern culture where photoshop and advertisements skew what it looks like to be a real woman. When JPG decided to do boudoir shoots, we decided to do so to help women reclaim their natural beauty without manipulation, without fake, without enhanced, and without unrealistic or false expectations. Boudoir is meant to embrace your real curves and real body. Sexy comes in all shapes and sizes.

So what is a JPG boudoir session? It’s classic and fun, it’s sexy and sassy. It’s always comfortable and empowering. We do boudoirs for the special person in your life, and we do boudoirs for you. We want you leaving saying, “I can’t believe I look like that.”

JPG does two types of boudoir shoots, one of which is a longer session with multiple outfits and more hair and makeup. It’s made to feel like a complete spa-type day where we’ll typically go to a hotel or other nice location. In this type of session, we bring in more portrait and lighting equipment. The second style is shorter, completely natural in your own home with more natural lighting and everyday beauty. For Sheri, we shot this second style in her home. With her being in a band, we used her drum set. For intimate shots, we used her bathroom. Working with Sheri was great because she was 100% comfortable in her own skin.

Sheri decided to give her boudoir shots as a gift and many of our clients choose to do the same. Let JPG show you how beautiful you are.


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