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Corporate Headshots & Picnic Fun w/ Arora Engineers

As a professional, it’s important to keep your career portfolio up-to-date with the latest, most relevant images for reports and marketing materials. JPG Photography offers businesses of all sizes the photojournalism they require to show off every employee’s personality. We were ecstatic to be invited as Arora Engineers’ official photographers for their corporate headshots, and to continue our relationship with Arora from the office setting to the party scene!

Arora Engineers is an engineering firm that performs infrastructure work around the entire country, with more than a dozen satellite offices placed throughout the US. They provide consulting services for design professionals, and stay connected with their clients from start to finish. During their semi-annual conference with about 100 employees, we came prepared with two backdrops to minimize the time needed to document the entire team and share them immediately so they could choose their favorite photos on site. Joe also joined their afternoon picnic, snapping photos of the personnel having a good time outside the office!

The last Arora event we were asked to photograph was the president’s birthday party, held at the Ritz Carlton. It was this awesome experience that led to our recent invite back to their offices to take corporate headshots, and we couldn’t have been happier to continue this connection. The staff was consistently commenting on how much they loved the entire shooting experience. This is gratifying to hear, because JPG strives to make all events as painless and fun as possible!

Thank you for inviting us back as your official professional photographers, Arora Engineers. We’re looking forward to the next big event you have in store!

Best, Joe G., Gustavo and Stacey
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