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Corporate Photojournalism for Danella Construction

When you think of JPG, you probably think “wedding and event photographers.” That’s with good reason, because we shoot nearly 100 weddings a year! But that’s not all we do. As photojournalists, we go where the story needs telling.

When a friend called on JPG to update some of Danella Construction’s corporate and editorial photography, we jumped at the opportunity. Danella works on some of the most critical construction and infrastructure projects in the region. I was introduced to dozens of skilled workers who help keep our city safe and functioning without us having to think about what’s happening below our streets. I met welders, plasma cutters, engineers and project managers who were all working to replace outdated pipelines under the streets of Philadelphia. This type of corporate works actually makes up a huge part of what JPG captures. Because we focus on telling your story beautifully, we’re frequently called on to help them promote their businesses, charities, non-profits or alliances. We’ve even taken photos at the White House!

I love diving into new situations with my camera, and the nitty-gritty of Danella Construction is a great subject. I was able to capture not only the work of the firm, but some of the personalities making it successful. It was a fun day, especially with me looking goofy trying to photograph in my hardhat!

The next time you want to create new marketing material that will take your business to the next level, think of JPG! We love helping organizations reach their goals without using boring stock photos! No matter what your business does, we are up to the challenge!

Best, Joe G.
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