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GWU Fundraiser @ The Franklin Institute

At JPG we love to work with charities and non-profit organizations. In fact, for every hour of photography we shoot for non-profits and charities, we donate 15 minutes of shooting, editing, processing, counseling, at cost– or for free. I was lucky enough to be a photographer for an alumni dinner fundraiser for my alma mater, The George Washington University. I was thrilled about this event taking place in my city, at The Franklin Institute! As soon as I heard about it, I knew I had to be there. The first in a massive capital fundraising campaign, this auspicious event was distinctly impressive.

It was truly a pleasure to be there helping celebrate the union of several generations of GWU alumni sharing a common purpose. As a proud alum, I reveled in the opportunity to help the university make money to expand and reach more students to give them a chance at the tremendous experience I had. The people who attend GWU are smart, real, and genuine people who treated me with kindness and respect– as a fellow alum and as a photographer. This was a joyful and memorable event, and I am delighted to have been there.

JPG is sure to make your events come to life– from family reunions to prestigious campaigns, we would love to take part in documenting your slice of history!

Best, Joe G.

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