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Holiday Bash 2013- SAP Style

After last year’s SAP Holiday Party, I thought, “No way can anything top that!” I was wrong. The SAP 2013 holiday bash was even better. As one of the world’s leading software development companies, SAP acknowledges how hard their teams work, and to show appreciation, they bring out more food food, drink, and dancing than my big Fat Italian Wedding!

Accommodating a variety of tastes, their food selections included vegetarian and seafood options, as well as seriously carnivorous ones. For the dancers, a live band rocked out in one area while a DJ spun tight techno toons in another. And for those wanting a more lounge-like ambiance, Jazz was on tap on Floor 2.

Our affinity for corporate event  photography comes from our desire to showcase the work-hard-play-hard mentality. This is a group which we proudly identify. It is so refreshing to see SAP say thank you to their employees. It was an honor to be asked back, and we look forward to many more fun events.


Joe G

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