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PHL Diversity Second and Third Sneak Peeks

As the PHL Diversity fundraising luncheon nears JPG has been able to spend more time with the PHL CVB and PHL Diversity at their second and third previews.

In late August we went to the Westin to document their cocktail reception. The first preview I couldn’t stop trying the mojito’s, this time I couldn’t put down their signature Sunset Martini. I got to see familiar faces and catch up with friends I made at the first event and tell them that I would be seeing them at the third preview and then finally in October because JPG signed on for their event!

We were also able to shoot the fall cover for the PHL Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. Traveling around Philly and showcasing PHL’s focus on the city’s diverse cultures and communities was fun and allowed us to build stronger relationships with them. Lucy MacNichol, their Senior Content and Development Manager emailed us and said, “Thanks again for your help on getting us a fantastic cover shot for our Fall 2014 edition of our Philadelphia Official Visitor’s Guide.”

Most recently we were able to go to The Sheraton for a breakfast event. I was sad to miss out on Mimosa’s and Bloody Mary’s but was ecstatic to see new faces. It’s great to see that PHL is getting more recognition to hopefully allow for a bigger turnout at their fundraising luncheon. Now all I need to do is find out how to get my hands on one of those PHL Diversity Mimosa glasses!

I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you guys at the last preview, but I can’t wait for the delicious drinks and awesome guest speakers at the luncheon. Thank you PHL Diversity for including us and we are thankful for such a beautiful relationship with you. See you soon!




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