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RMA’s 100th Year Celebration at Philly’s Marriott

Reaching the age of 100 is a goal few people or organizations obtain. Thinking about the history, the ups and downs, the busts and booms, sustaining a company for a century is a milestone worth celebrating. So when the Risk Management Association celebrated their 100th year of financial servitude this year, and asked us to document it, we were honored they called the JPG team to document the festivities.

The RMA title may sound boring, but it serves a great purpose! As a not-for-profit organization, RMA helps companies, banks, and individuals assess credit, market, and operational risks. The nearly 500-person national convention was held in the RMA home, right here, in The City of Brotherly Love at the downtown Philadelphia Marriott.

When documenting a convention as a photojournalist, it’s a bit more challenging than a wedding. You have to be on your toes more because those great moments come less often. For corporate work we find clients wanting us to showcase the team and staff’s hard work. As they celebrate the good work the team is producing, fun moments are there, but a little harder to find. This kind of work calls my old newspaper journalism roots of anticipating moments. To do a good job you can’t stand around and wait for things to happen.

With all of that said of the convention and teamwork exercises, the dinner was easier to document because of the exciting atmosphere and awesome entertainment. The employees’ families were invited, too, so it was similar to a wedding party! The RMA staff brought in Ben Franklin and Rocky Balboa impersonators, Mummer’s in full costume, cheese steak carts, as well as Rita’s water ice and a great DJ. Of course, I can’t forget my personal favorite, Philly pretzels with cheese whiz. We know the RMA employee’s appreciated the evening with phenomenal food, music, and a Liberty Bell replica!

We also brought in our photo booth equipment and RMA designed their own unique back drop complete with hilarious props – like the George Washington wig and quill-pen! All-in-all we loved to see the great work RMA is doing, as well as how much they appreciate their employees.

Thank you for letting us document your 100th birthday. May you have many more.


Joe G.

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