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Saline’s Album Shoot at WinterBlast, Wilkes-Barre

While we love shooting weddings, JPG is more than just one of the best wedding photographers in Philadelphia: we also get excited about opportunities to shoot bands, music events, corporate artwork, and headshots. So you can imagine how stoked we were when my brother-in-law asked us to do a photoshoot with his Christian rock band, Saline, in promotion of their newest worship music album.

John, Dan and Matthew started Saline back in high school, and they’ve been playing together ever since. Because these friends have known each other so long, you get them all in the same place and it’s like watching improv comedy right before your eyes. Their new drummer Chris fits right in, multiplying the mayhem.

Every year, the band plays at WinterBlast, an annual retreat held at Camp Orchard Hill near Wilkes-Barre, PA. Their new album is the band’s fourth CD, but they decided they wanted to kick it up a notch so they hired JPG, and we met them at WinterBlast for their shoot.

And a blast of winter, we got! It was a frigid nine degrees outside that day, and between the snow and the wind chill, it was so cold that we had to leave the cars running all day so our staff and the band could warm up every few minutes. Still, the group was as entertaining as ever, and we even swiped a big orange chair from the retreat center for some shots in the snowy field (don’t worry, we returned it–good Christians we are!).

The band was going for an edgy look to this shoot, but because they love to laugh, it was a challenge just to get them to look serious! It’s too bad JPG wasn’t around when these guys were in high school, because we would have

loved to do their senior portraits as a band. Yes, JPG does senior portraits, which are even more fun with friends!

We’re so proud of these guys for how far they’ve come, and we had a blast (a real winterblast!) on this photo shoot. Saline, keep laughing hard, playing hard, and being such a fantastic crew to spend the day with. And good luck with your new CD, we can’t wait!

Joe G.

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