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The Capital Grille with Phillies’ Great Charlie Manuel

The Capital Grille of Center City Philadelphia has a snazzy event space and we were asked to cross-promote with some great photojournalism. When I found out the event we’d be documenting was a Thuzio dinner featuring the great Charlie Manuel telling Philadelphia Phillies‘ stories, you couldn’t have kept me away.

So, I’m a dork. And the Phillies are one of my THINGS. I’m that kind of a Philly baseball fan that’s going to be their supporter whether they’re in first place or last — and that’s necessary based on the first half of this season! Needless to say, it was a big deal for me to meet Charlie Manuel. I got to shake the hand of the man who led the only Philly team to championship win in my lifetime! (Yeah, the Sixers’ won once but I was too young to have a memory of it.) Besides the meet and greet, Charlie was interviewed, telling great stories about the past, and how he sees the team in the future. He’s incredibly warm talking about baseball and this great city.

As for the restaurant, we were happy to get awesome shots of The Capital Grille’s space, kitchen, food and décor. Did I mention they serve some of the best steaks in the city? It is currently my favorite place to host small private events. They always wow us with their food (the fried calamari appetizer) and service and we’re thrilled to be one of their preferred vendors. They’re perfect for events from 15 to 75 people and even small weddings.

As always, we had an amazing time showing off one of our favorite spots, and getting to see our friend Amanda Dana, the Sales and Marketing Manager at The Capital Grille, who is always a pleasure to work with. Getting to meet the legendary Charlie Manuel was a pretty sweet bonus! Go Phillies!

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