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Holy Moly, the Holy Father, the Pope, is Coming to Philly!

For us local Philadelphians, the international World Meeting of Families conference (WMOF) and arrival of the Bishop of Rome, the Pope, is an exciting time to showcase why Philly is a world class city. So much is happening next week, that it’s difficult to keep a level head and go about business as usual; but, that’s exactly what many local Philadelphia businesses are attempting. Here at JPG, we’ve been prepping for this visit for since it was announced, and are proud to say we’ve officially been given access to photograph this historical event. Between media access, and documenting several WMOF events, JPG is powering through to remain open throughout the whole event. The event organizers are encouraging local businesses to use the hashtag #OpenInPHL through social media platforms to let visitors and residents know who is ready to serve. JPG is #OpenInPHL for any impromptu photo needs you may have!

In fact, we’ve been involved for a few months. We photographed a luncheon hosted by the Center City Proprietors Association (CCPA), where the Executive Director of the World Meeting of Families, Donna Farrell, spoke about the plans for the upcoming event. We even got to practice photographing the Pope himself!… Just kidding, that’s just a very convincing cardboard cut-out.

Regardless, we are thrilled to witness to this momentous event in American history, all taking place in our backyard! We’ve shared the WMOF’s helpful guide for navigating this huge event from Philly Mag. It includes everything from where you can stay, to what kind of cooler you’re allowed to bring. And by the way, there are no selfie-sticks allowed!

Cheers, Stacey SM.



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