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Blake and Mike’s Engagement in Rittenhouse Square

Blake and Mike’s engagement shoot was one of the sweetest shoots I have ever had the pleasure of documenting. These sexy (former) studs travelled from northern New Jersey to explore Philly’s  Rittenhouse SquareDandelion PubStephen Starr restaurant, and Tria for some awesome pics.

As we shot around Rittenhouse Square, we came upon a floral market and stopped for some photos. A man saw Blake and Mike sharing a kiss when he started inching toward them. At first I was worried because you never know if some crazy is going to go ballistic when two men embrace. (This was also just weeks before the state’s judicial ruling allowing for same-sex marriage.) As the man approached, he opened his mouth to ask if they were together. When they confirmed, he shared his support with words, and a gift. The man pointed out his own partner behind one of the floral stands, and then insisted on giving them hanging plant as a gift on their upcoming union.

To have to fight to prove your love for so many years, to be bullied, ignored, mocked and peer-pressured into something you’re not and can’t possibly be, it meant so much to see this public display of support in a not-so-obvious place.

Besides this uncharacteristic moment, it didn’t hurt that the team trusted me on every adventeruous concoction I came up with, including walking into dark alleys so I could capture a red door through polarized glass.

They came for fun, good beer, as well as to capture the love in their relationship. What is so cool about my job is that I can take awesome photos for couples and really include more of their personality and story in the photos as I get to know them better. I can’t wait for the wedding. Thanks gentlemen. It was a terrific night!


Joe G.

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