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Caitlin & Ryan’s Center City Engagement

Photographing Caitlin and Ryan was easy from the get-go. Not only are they a easy-going and gorgeous couple, but they also took an active part in their session, suggesting good shot ideas and taking direction. We love collaborating with our clients, and working towards a common vision of outstanding imagery. Caitlin and Ryan rocked it through different locations, outfit changes, and use of both natural and off-camera lighting, making their Center City Engagement gallery dynamic, colorful, and rich.

We began in Old City just as the sun began to dip behind the trees. The beginning of golden hour is a highly sought after time to shoot for good reason. Caught just right, the amber rays envelop the subject in dreamy lens flares and brilliant rim light. Coupled with the brick and cobblestone elements that Old City is known for, we were able to obtain the punchy and rich aesthetic we love.

The Barnes Foundation is beautiful inside and out. Its grounds, including a peaceful pond, served as our second location. Caitlin and Ryan’s reflections are caught perfectly still in the water, giving the illusion of a body of ice suspended amid the warm summer evening. With just a few moments to spare, we made our way to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where a gorgeous sunset provided a spectacular background.

The session could’ve ended right there, but we had to work in one last location as a shout out to Ryan’s artistic career. Any Philadelphian can easily recognize the Cira Centre, with its ever-changing and dazzling light displays. Whether cheering on one of our sports teams, or wishing us a Happy Valentine’s Day, the light displays on the building always seem to have its hands on the pulse of the city. It turns out that those hands belong to our groom, Ryan! Yes, he is a visual engineer who is behind the displays viewed by thousands daily. His next project is in the works, with the FMC Tower going up across from the Schuykill River Banks. Our final shot showcases his luminary vision in a special way; Reflecting in the Schuykill river, the lights of the building surround our couple as they share one final happy moment before we call it a wrap. Can’t wait for the wedding.

Best, Joe & Rebecca

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