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Dana and Rob’s Sweet Amusement Park Engagement

Summertime for JPG is always a crazy time of year. Most weeks are filled with multiple weddings, corporate events and smaller shoots. While on a multi-event holiday weekend we decided to squeeze in one more session– engagement portraits for our new friends, Dana and Rob, and we are so glad we did! We got to meet an awesome couple at the sweetest place on earth– Hershey Park!

I had never been to Hershey Park before, so this shoot was an extra exciting addition to our jam-packed weekend. We met up with the pair while they finished lunch at the historic Hotel Hershey, so we snapped a few quick intimate shots as they relaxed on the dimly-lit couch. Next, we headed outside, to capture some bigger moments around the beautiful hotel grounds. Not long after catching a few wide-angle shots with fountains and flowers, we excitedly embarked to the amusement park! And, luckily for us, Dana and Rob were all about the rides!

First, the couple tickled their competitiveness by playing a few games. My personal favorite as a bystander was SkeeBall, from which Dana emerged victorious, and didn’t hold back the gloating. The two of them were so much fun to watch and photograph, and you could easily see how much they cared for each other. It was almost impossible to capture a moment where Rob wasn’t looking at Dana with a tender and elated expression. Both of them are deeply compassionate people, which we discovered through some conversation (over whoopie-pies, of course)  about their involvement with the food bank and other volunteer organizations.

After some roller coaster scouting, we each took a turn on the Sooper Dooper Looper, they shared an ice cream cone, and we switched gears to twilight photography as the sun began to set. We loved creating colorful, bright backgrounds using the amusement park lights, and ended our shoot in front of a cheery carousel, with dreamy accent lighting.

A huge thank you to our new friends, Dana and Rob– we can’t wait to see more of that spunky spirit at the wedding!

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