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Elise & Nick’s Annapolis Roller Derby and Pizza Engagement

At JPG, we want to know our couples, and we want them to get to know us, too. Before we shoot a wedding, we nearly always have an engagement session.

For engagement shoots, couples choose locations with strong personal significance for them, and we encourage them to pick activities with a lot of meaning in their relationship. Sometimes we make it a double-date!

Elise and Nick’s engagement session in Annapolis, Maryland was quite the adventure. Elise does roller derby, so she and Nick called ahead to the rink to make sure it was okay for us to be there during public skate time. They donned their skates, and since JPG photographers like to jump right into the action on shoots, we got right out onto the rink.

The rink managers let us do some experimenting with the lights, and we used the abundant motion and color of an active roller-skating rink to make this 70s-era place look contemporary.

Afterwards, we headed to the couple’s favorite pizza place, Mangia. We learned that Elise is distantly descended from Italian royalty, in the same region as the owners of the pizzeria! We stood outside and took some shots of Elise and Nick eating a slice while the world rolled right by outside the window.

It was awesome to capture the mood of the evening at one of their favorite places.

Because we knew we’d later be shooting Elise and Nick’s wedding in Annapolis, the engagement shoot was also a great opportunity to scout out location ideas for awesome wedding shots!

I think it’s important to do shoots at couples’ favorite spots so that 30, 40, 50 years down the road when they’re looking through these photographs with family–maybe grandchildren– and someone asks “Why did you have your pictures done here?” They can say, “Because that was our place.”

Elise and Nick, we had a blast spending the day with you in all the places you call “yours.”

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about this couple’s fantastic wedding!

Joe G.


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