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Danielle and Dan’s Fairmount Engagement Shoot

As all of my couples know, we require a fun pre-wedding shoot before the wedding allowing you to get to know us, and us to get to know you. Engagement photos are most typical, and for Danielle and Dan’s session, we used their dog to help bring out their true selves.

Besides using fun locations like the beautiful Barnes Museum, we went over to the Fitler Square Dog Park and most importantly, their home in Fairmount.

After a relaxing start at the Barnes to get them warmed up, we drove to Fitler Square to catch the sunset. With the overpass bridge silhouetted in the background, we caught golden yellow and orange colors backlighting their bodies. People were curious since I had to shout a few hundred feet to communicate, but they also got some terrific cheers for those big kisses as bikers and walkers passed by. Then we played with their pooch, in his green little harness. I am such a dog person — own two myself — so I am a firm believer in having pups as part of a shoot!

To end the night, Danielle and Dan kept talking about their roof deck, and it’s hard to deny the appeal. It was tremendous! It was recently renovated and they moved in a few months ago. As the breeze fell over us, the cool air chilaxed us and the cold beer in our hand. The purple-blue hue of Danielle’s dress matched the darkening sky and their pup even gave her a few smooches! I loved it so much the couple said they would open up the roof deck to JPG clients for a small fee of one 6-pack per couple! Ha!

After spending so much time with Danielle and Dan, I can’t wait to see them kick ass on their wedding day tomorrow!


Joe G.


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