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Fun & Sandy Long Beach Island, NJ Engagements

What better place to be in the summer than at the beach, especially when you’re getting paid! Rebecca and I have gotten to spend time shooting engagements for JPG at Long Beach Island, NJ, the favorite place of our couples Melissa and Jeff and Kate and Andrew.

Melissa and Jeff are a fun, lighthearted couple, so we shot them at Fantasy Island Amusement Park. One of my favorite pictures of the night was them on the carousel, being cute and having fun riding the porcelain horses. It was nice letting them have a date night to feel like kids on the swinging pirate ship, win stuffed animals and enjoy each other’s company at the shore.

With Kate and Andrew, the LBI bar Hudson House served as their shoot location where they played pool, shuffleboard and darts. They really stepped it up for us because it was raining, and we still got some fun and creative shots using car headlights, street lamps and neon signs. My favorite shot of Kate and Andrew was of them making funny faces and kissing through a red and blue neon sign. It was great to see them still having a good time in the rainy weather.

Thank you to both our couples for letting us Philadelphia photographers travel from the city to spend some time with you in the sun and sand. May you always keep your fun and lighthearted spirits.

Joe G.

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