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Holly and Gerry’s Laundromat Engagement Session

Here at JPG, we love to go beyond the cookie-cutter engagement session. That’s why when you tell us some interesting facts and tidbits about your relationship, we create (or sometimes, recreate) some fun memories with them. Just ask Holly and Gerry, a prime example of taking the unique and out-of-the-ordinary, and turning it into a cherished memory.

Holly and Gerry are both doctors who live outside of Philadelphia, but were originally from the city. And one of the things they frequently did in their downtime as a couple was laundry. Yup, laundry! For some people, it’s a dreaded but necessary task. Yet for Holly and Gerry, it was a time to unwind and relax together.

I could just picture the possibilities — the circles and squares of the washers and dryers, the reflections, the laughter of just being together. And so we

thought it fitting to pop our heads in at a laundromat near Rittenhouse Square. Most photographers would shy away from such obscure locations, but for us at JPG, it’s exactly where we want to be. Holly and Gerry cuddled right outside the empty dryers. We were so happy to see Gerry opening up and being silly, serenading Holly and folding sheets. It was adorable!

This is why we interview our couples and ask all the questions that we do. We try to find out what they like, and mesh our creativity with their personal lives. Holly and Gerry trusted us to make their shoot relevant and unique. And when people put their trust in us, they get results. They get memories. They get FUN! And, in the case of Holly and Gerry, they also get the bonus of clean clothing.

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