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Jincy & Snoben’s Franklin Institute Proposal

Proposal stories are the best. They often reveal the personality of the couple, their interests, and what makes them tick.  With all the emotion, surprise, and reactions resulting from proposals, the JPG Photography team feels strongly that they are part of the overall wedding story, and encourage couples to document them. We were so excited when groom-to-be Snoben contacted us to help execute his own. It was thoughtful, creative, and in a very interesting location: The Franklin Institute Planetarium! Jincy and Snoben’s Franklin Institute proposal was infused with variety, different locations, and best of all, the personality of their relationship.

We hid low in the seats as Jincy was lead into the empty planetarium with her sister and brother-in-law. A video began to play showing fantastic drone footage of Dallas and Philadelphia, cities that have sentimental significance to the couple. The video evolved into a love letter and ended with the big question. The JPG Photography team came out from hiding as Jincy gave her answer, which was projected onto the screen. We captured all the candids as well as one very cool portrait beneath the sign saying, “She said yes!”  The staff at the Franklin Institute was so accommodating, and brought out snacks and champagne to celebrate. Afterwards, they lead the party to the roof of the building where we got awesome photos using the sky and the city as the back drop.

Jincy changed into a stunning blue and orange sari for a portion of the session, and she turned heads everywhere we went around City Hall! The session would not be complete without including the location of the couple’s first date, so we were soon off to Federal Donuts in West Philly for a few snaps, and let’s be honest, some donuts! After chowing down on the delicacies, we were off to our last location at Philadelphia’s Magic Garden on South Street. It’s always a treat to photograph in this special location. The mirrors, tiles, and art allow for endless possibilities in photos. Jincy and Snoben cozied up surrounded by color and texture to wrap up their shoot with artistic style.

Jincy and Snoben, thank you for bringing Team JPG on board for the beginning of your wedding journey. We wish you all the best in these coming months as you plan your big day. Good luck!

Best, Joe



Snoben-Jincy E 1



Snoben-Jincy E 2


Snoben-Jincy E 3 Snoben-Jincy E 4

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