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Lova and Mike’s Beautiful Boston Engagement!

Engagement shoots are like a photographer’s weekend. Usually, they consist of going to a beautiful, relaxing location (sometimes a few hours away), eating delicious and different food, and lots of laughter and fun. If that does’t sound like a great weekend, I don’t know what does. For Lova and Mike’s engagement, that’s exactly what happened. I got to travel to Boston to meet up with them, where we explored the city, lingering in the most beautiful corners of Beacon Hill and the West End.

We spent the afternoon lounging on the grassy hills of Boston’s Public Garden, as we talked excitedly about their upcoming wedding, and I captured their organic moments together. Nature was on our side that day, providing perfect lighting at the golden hour before sunset– there was even a┬ácameo appearance from a swan to complete the romantic setting! In a true date-night fashion, we enjoyed drinks and sushi at a local restaurant before heading to their apartment.

Because Lova and Mike are both doctors at Mass General Hospital, their busy schedules demand most of their time. This leaves them only a few precious hours each night at their apartment to be together, so naturally, that is where we decided to end the night. We took silhouetted photos of them on their balcony, overlooking the Boston skyline and the famous Leonard P. Zakim Bridge.

I enjoyed this trip so much, not only because I got to see some local friends in the area (shout out to Amanda, Georgia, Ashley and Roy!), but because an engagement session with a couple like Lova and Mike is so inspiring, and makes me even more excited to capture their special moments in the future! Thanks again, guys, and see you at the wedding!

Best, Joe

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