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Fun in Philly for Maureen & Adam’s Engagement

We love when a couple is up for anything and ready for the unexpected! Thats exactly what we got with Maureen and Adam’s engagement shoot. They wanted some nerdy elements in their photos, and suggested going to the Free Library of Philadelphia, to check out one of the city’s Science Festivals. Shooting in unconventional locations is an exciting part of my job, and so much trust is necessary to showcase a couple at their best when they’re not used to being followed by cameras. That’s why photojournalism is such an important aspect of our skill set. The couple  felt completely at ease, as we all enjoyed the day together!

We kicked off the day with drinks at Waterworks, where Maureen and Adam posed closely over mimosas and beer, as we snapped away, gushing over their nerdy-cuteness. They walked, hand-in-hand, to the Free library where the fun continued with kitchen experiments at a city science festival. After some science fun, we explored the library’s amazing architecture, capturing quiet moments between the towering bookshelves. As the sun started setting, we wandered a few blocks over to the cliffs behind the Art Museum, where the couple slayed us with cuteness once again in the soft evening light.

The last part of our shoot had us in one of our favorite neighborhoods, Old City. Maureen and Adam have so many memories from there, and even made a few more while we delved into the nooks and crannies of alleyways to get some beautiful editorial-style shots, and one involving an intense leg workout. Just look at that pose in the orange-painted window frames!

We had such a great day with Maureen and Adam and look forward to their special day! Team JPG Photography cannot thank them enough for their kind and delicious gift of chocolate-covered strawberries; nothing says thank you like a tasty treat. That’s quite a tip! We can’t wait for the wedding next year!

Best, Joe G


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