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Genevieve & Owen’s Sunrise Ocean City, New Jersey Engagement

While I was enjoying a wonderful vacation with my family down the shore — and getting some much needed R&R — I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for great shoots at the beach. One of these was with Genna and Owen, a fantastic military couple who was willing to join me on the beach at dawn for their Ocean City, New Jersey engagement session. Early morning light, chemistry, and a sense of adventure led us to creating some amazing imagery.

Living in Florida, the beach is an important part of Genna and Owen’s downtime. With next to nobody on the beach, we found lots of fun angles and ideas, including cool compositions from the bird’s eye view of the drone. For one shot, Genna and Owen got cozy on the top of a life guard stand as I captured images from the sky. It was helpful that I had already developed a rapport with Owen, having photographed his sister Devon’s incredible wedding in Paris and Philadelphia, as well as his other sister, Aubrey, a top-notch political consultant who has hired us for multiple political shoots. From splashing around in the surf to playing a round of skee ball on the boardwalk, the session was easy-peasy.

The then-bride-and-groom-to-be (they got married this past Saturday!) share a special bond from serving together in our nation’s air force. I used to live in Norfolk, VA, and have experience working with military personnel and their families. I have nothing but respect and gratitude for our troops. Thank you, Genna and Owen, for your service. It’s an honor to document this milestone in your relationship!

Our session ended the way any great day at OCNJ would, with a slice of Manco and Manco’s pizza. Sure, it was still before 10 AM, but any Ocean City shore-goer understands that this delicious tradition is bound by no schedule. Thank you to Genna and Owen for a great morning at the shore!

Best, Joe

Geneieve-Owen E 1

Geneieve-Owen E 2

Geneieve-Owen E 3

Geneieve-Owen E 4

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