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Photographing Awesomeness: LGBT Love and Puppy Love

JPG Photography is passionate about a lot of things, but two in particular are supporting the LGBT community and puppies! Granted, these two things are somewhat unrelated, but in the case of Tara and Amanda’s engagement shoot, everything came together for the perfect day!

Our location was Ridley Creek State Park— one of my favorite state parks to photograph, especially in the fall! The old mansion with its simplistic stonework and classic architecture makes for a beautiful backdrop, and the outpouring of autumn colors bursting through the landscapes allowed for the creative freedom I crave as a photographer. After Pennsylvania’s ruling to recognize same-sex marriage, Tara and Amanda asked us to help celebrate their LGBT engagement and brought their two dogs along for the day.

Having their dogs there with us was captivating and humorous, and they were obviously very happy to be involved. As the owner of two dogs myself, I understand the struggle of trying to handle two animals at once! Inspired by the dog’s enthusiasm in exploring the area, we decided to be a bit more adventurous ourselves and took some bold shots of Tara and Amanda interacting with the landscape. The couple didn’t mind getting a little dirty to get some awesome shots, and we love that!

This photo shoot encompassed two great accomplishments: getting pets to cooperate for a shoot is a small miracle, so these photos are particularly special and worthy of celebration! Also, JPG Photography is a huge supporter of the LGBT community, and we are always proud to photograph an LGBT engagement, wedding, or event. We cannot wait for Tara and Amanda’s 2017 wedding!

Best, Joe G.

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