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Princeton University Sweethearts: Fiona & Aaron

A big part of photojournalism is telling the back story. That’s why we were thrilled to take a step back in time with our “to-be-weds” Fiona and Aaron to their alma mater– Princeton University. The university’s iconic architecture, arches, and staircases with ivory details make it an enchanting place to shoot. We knew it was the right choice to show off the beautiful university where Fiona and Aaron got their start– professionally and with one another. It was a great experience shooting at Princeton. There was so much to do on campus, and the autumn leaves were vibrant with color. I suggested that Fiona and Aaron dress in shades of blue to contrast the oranges and yellows that autumn produces. The couple must have felt nostalgic being on campus because their photos look like they were feeling those butterflies and swoons of the early dating days.

Fiona and Aaron’s zeal for life is easy to see in each of these photographs. Their playfulness and evident love for one another was inspiring and produced some very romantic pictures. Being in a familiar place for them made it comfortable and relaxing– plus there was a little extra happiness thrown in when we got ice cream partway through!

Fiona and Aaron got married just last month and we wish them all the best for the future and hope they will never forget their days as college sweethearts at Princeton University.

Best, Joe G.

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