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Rainy Day Engagement Photos Washington Square: Gabrielle & Rob

Rainy day engagement photos always make for surprisingly fun pictures. Gabrielle and Rob’s engagement shoot was interrupted and rescheduled more than once because of the weather, so we finally decided just to embrace the rain! Fortunately, by the time we started, the rain had subsided, leaving a city in color. The fall yellows and greens popped against the surrounding shades of gray in Washington Square. As much as we might complain about not having perfect southern California weather all the time, there’s nothing like Philadelphia when the seasons change. This particular shoot really showcases how fall in the city can be so colorful. 

There was some drizzle from time to time, but Gabrielle and Rob didn’t let it stop them! In fact, they used it as an excuse to cuddle up and get cozy, making for some great moments. One of my favorite engagement photos from the whole year was actually from this shoot, when we stepped into Talula’s Garden. The lights on the Ivy covered wall provided a unique look! After grabbing some coffee next door from Talula’s Daily, we headed back outside as the sun was setting. There was a gorgeous purple tint in the sky we just had to take advantage of, and we also found some phenomenal uplighting around the city. We concluded with a shot in front of Independence Hall just as night was falling.

Gabrielle and Rob are getting married in just a few days! I have the honor of shooting their wedding, and I am so happy to document their journey together.

Best, Joe G

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