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Rebecca & Adrian’s Boston Public Garden Shoot

On our way from visiting our friends Amanda and Mark, we stopped in Boston for an engagement shoot with Rebecca and Adrian before their Delaware Wedding in January. We wanted to spend time enjoying some of the awesome things Boston has to offer. Walking around public Garden, we experienced some of the stunning autumn foliage, and we knew that we couldn’t pass up the photo opportunity. Light bounced off the lake and we were surrounded by the rich reds and oranges of falling leaves. Making our way from the park and traversing the cobblestoned streets, we made our way to the historic Quincy Market. The Market is a large indoor/outdoor venue with dozens of gourmet shops and tasty food, so when Rebecca and Adrian said they would like some pictures of them with their favorite eats, we were only happy to oblige.

When you’re walking through a city, the best thing you can do is forget about whatever plan you may have had and to let your whims guide you. You’re looking for great, spontaneous moments which often don’t adhere to a strict schedule of tour stops. As a photojournalist, it feels great to have couples trust in you and your work enough to know you will find the best moments to showcase their relationship. After a brief exchange of ideas, Rebecca and Adrian allowed us to interpret their love.

Rebecca and Adrian, thanks for winding your way through Boston’s streets with us; it was an honor to document both your engagement shoot and your wedding.

Best, Joe G.


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