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Kelli and Kristen’s Roller Derby Engagement

There are three Gallagher sisters: Sheri, Kelli, and Christina. Each of them are wonderful forces of love, laughter, and modeling, and JPG has had the unique opportunity to photograph all three!

JPG photographed Sheri’s engagement, and wedding,  both of which were a blast. Christina also modeled for us on different shoots, along with Kelli, and all three sisters gorgeous and fun.

So when Kelli got engaged to Kristen, she told her there was no other photographer for her; it had to be Joe and JPG. When Kelli and Kristen explained to us that they’d met one another while roller derbying, we could think of nothing other than documenting the two of them on their skates, so that’s exactly what we did.

Roller derby girls each have their own unique nicknames — Kelli is called “Penny Fastlane” and Kristen is “Lolli Popya” — so we had a feeling these two would bring awesome energy to the FDR Skate Park,  a concrete wonderland with bad ass skaters and graffiti to match. Most of the skaters there were on their boards, but Penny Fastlane and Lolli Popya fit in just fine; in fact, they stole the show. We had an insane amount of fun shooting this great couple in various urban landscapes, as well as using the motion blur of the roller skates. These ladies were vivacious, and it was awesome seeing them do what they love together.

Later on, we went to one of their favorite restaurants and had some margarita shooters. El Vez features vibrant colors and retro lighting to go along with their Tex-Mex cuisine. The Starr staff were amazing and brought over free drinks to offer well wishes for a wonderful life together, which even got one server a kiss on both cheeks!

My favorite moments with Penny and Lolli — errr, Kelli and Kristen — are too many to count, but they were so quirky in the booth at El Vez, hilarious on the streets of Philly, and sexy as hell in a little back alley we found!

Congrats Penny Fastlane and Lolli Popya, I cannot wait for your wedding next May.


Joe G.

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