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Surprise! Capturing the moment she says “yes”.

Stay calm. You can do this. She hasn’t noticed your hand hiding the square-box in your pocket. You’re cool and collected. Don’t say too much. Don’t say too little. You’ll give it away! No…no, she doesn’t know. You can do this! We’re there with you!

It’s time to propose! It’s nerve-racking, scary and exciting. This moment, however, is one most couples forget. You’re thinking of her answer rather than what it looks like. And it’s a moment that can never be recreated. You should cherish it

JPG Photography loves playing the secret spy role to help you document this surprise. We’ll stay hidden so we don’t blow your cover, and then come down to capture the joy after you pop the question.

Whether it’s laying out a picnic, catching the sunset on an evening stroll, or sharing drinks at your favorite restaurant, there’s nothing like the build up before you ask! Just make sure not to get too nervous and let the surprise slip. On one of JPG’s recent shoots, a client accidentally texted his bride-to-be instead of our photographer about the proposal. Luckily, after she received the text reading “we’re leaving now,” she didn’t completely catch on, and of course, she said YES!

Hire JPG to document the laughter, the tears and the celebration that follows. It’s amazing to share these moments with others. So when that inevitable question comes along; “How did you propose!?” let JPG Photography help you show them for years to come. We’re happy to be part of the big plan.

Engagement Proposal Photography


Engagement Proposal Photography EngagementBlog_Peter002

Engagement Proposal Photography EngagementBlog_Peter002

Proposal Engagement Photography

Proposal Engagement Photography

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