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Tetiana and John’s Washington Square Engagement

When we first get to know a couple, we love to hear about their jobs, hobbies, and special interests that make them unique. This can be a challenge, however when the couple isn’t from the locations we’re shooting in, nor have any memories together here. So, for Tetiana and John — who are from California — we chatted with them until we had a solid foundation for what would make them happy in a location they’ve never been. That became history, landscape and architecture. We touched on these elements with photos of the two relaxing on the park benches in Washington Square, strolling the cobblestone streets of Old City, and ended with some classic urban graffiti. One of JPG’s strengths is taking a conventional backdrop, and using artistic techniques to make it unconventional. On our way to Talula’s Daily to talk wedding plans, I stopped the couple in front of a towering brick wall for a quick photo. While I captured the shot, a passerby submitted his unsolicited opinion on our “mundane background” choice. He was shocked to see what I created with such a “mundane background.” It just goes to show that most people have no idea what I’m doing while I’m shooting. HA!

Tetiana and John were in town this weekend to celebrate their wedding with their families, and since we always want to do some sort of pre-wedding shoot, we kicked off the weekend with their engagement session in Washington Square. We had a blast showing the California couple all the personality and history of Philadelphia’s Old City.

We want to thank our new friends Tetiana and John for trusting us to help them create new memories! We hope you had a great time in our hometown! And we can’t wait for the same experience in California!

Best, Joe G.


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