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Vanessa and Bob’s Philly Engagement

At JPG Photography, we love to take photos of couples in their “natural element.” We think it’s important to use relevant locations to help tell their story. And Vanessa and Bob really lucked out with their proximity to such awesome places as Rembrandt’s, Eastern State Penitentiary, and the Philadelphia Art Museum. We took advantage of those opportunities, of course!

Vanessa and Bob have two amazing aspects of their house. First, its location is incredibly close to fun and creative venues, something that would have worked great on its own. But the second awesome thing about their house is their sweet roof deck (something that I’m incredibly jealous of). We like to make sure our clients are completely comfortable in their environment, so what better way to do this than to have a little fun at home?! We took some photos of them partying it up on their deck with their pet cats, drinking and having a good time.

We also made the rounds to some local destinations such as the art museum, where we used his height advantage to bring out some killer reflections and silhouettes, and made our way to Eastern State Penitentiary, where we got creative with the lighting and the gothic architecture. Both of these locations were easily within walking distance from their home.

Vanessa and Bob also had the opportunity to have a few shots take in front of the new Barnes Museum, just before it opened to the public. And, since it was so close to us, we ended the night with a trip into Rembrandt’s for some final couple shots (and it didn’t hurt to have a few drinks at one of their favorite restaurants). We wanted to put together a set of photos that documented this time in their lives, and it came out beautifully. Also, we just shot their wedding a couple of weeks ago, so make sure to check out that blog soon!

Thank you for letting JPG Photography become a part of your lives!

Joe G.

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