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What do I do with my hands? Blair & Ross @ Rittenhouse

Blair and Ross enjoying Rittenhouse Square.

Blair and Ross enjoying Rittenhouse Square.

Many little girls are conditioned to model in front of the mirror and practice their poses, try out different faces to have fun in front of the camera. They tend to be more comfortable in front of a camera, but males aren’t trained the same way. Sometimes, I, the photographer, need to hold their hand, figuratively (occasionally literally) to talk this “scary” process. Though a photojournalist, I know my couples are who I ultimately serve, and at times, I must insert myself into shoots when needed.

I met Blair and Ross in Rittenhouse Square on a glorious Spring afternoon. The birds were singing, the sun was shining and Blair was a natural in front of the camera – not just because she is beautiful. Ross, however, was more concerned with where to look as if he was supposed to smile and asked the terrible question, “Where do I put my hands?” We’re in trouble as photographers when we hear this question because what do you say to that? I say just be yourself, try to forget I’m around, and when possible, touch your partner, as opposed to, touch yourself. Ha, that usually gets a laugh.

But it’s OK that Ross didn’t know. As always, it took some time, after cracking many wickedly sarcastic jokes, sharing some stories and yes, even attempting to some dance moves, we got him to relax. Then, we found the best alley — for awesome light — between Rittenhouse and Tavern 17, the bar attached to Radisson Blu Warwick, for drinks. This is where they spent time together early in the relationship, so it was certainly a place they felt like themselves.

They also got to meet our newest JPG Team member, Colleen, about their chance meeting at the bar four years ago. They met there at a wedding, and as soon as Ross saw Blair walking toward him he knew she was the woman he was going to marry. After a year and a half of cross-country long distance dating, he packed his bags to be with the woman of his dreams in the city they both loved, Philadelphia.

We can’t wait for the wedding you two. Congrats and work on those hand positions!


Joe G

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