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Where Should I Shoot My Engagement?

This is the blog that’s going to tell you not to shoot in Love Park. Engagement shoots don’t need to be cliche, boring, or random. At JPG, we want our couples to be able to look back 30, 40, and 50 years from now and remember why we shot where we did.

When booking your engagement shoot, know that we encourage our couples to choose activities, landmarks or significant places to them that showcase who they are as individuals and as a couple. Bring your dog, bring some props, anything that will make you feel comfortable and show your true selves.

Our couples are great at choosing venues other than your typical Philly locations, like Independence Mall, Rittenhouse Square, or City Hall. For example, we’ve shot engagements in dive bars, pizza parlors, laundromats, classrooms, sports stadiums, favorite restaurants, back alleys, abandoned train tunnels, bedrooms, busy intersections, roller skating rinks, boat marinas…you name it, we’ve probably seen it.

Keep in mind that all of these venues aren’t perfect for any one couple. What we do is encourage you to find places significant to you. As professional photojournalists, our team has the expertise to make any location look good, but the important thing is that it reflects who YOU are. We want you to have fun and feel comfortable, which is why we don’t choose your locations for you.

Also keep in mind that we’re willing to travel just about anywhere for shoots. We may be Philadelphia-based photographers, but in the past we’ve been to DC, Boston, Baltimore, and even Chicago, so don’t hesitate to book if you don’t live in the Philly area.

If you’re considering JPG for your Philadelphia or destination engagement shoot, send us an email to and pin your favorite set of photos!



EngagementLocation002A baseball stadium is the perfect venue for sports fans.

EngagementLocation015We love this couple’s coordinating outfits at Independence Mall.


EngagementLocation004For a couple that finds time to relax together at the laundromat, it was the perfect place to have their engagement shoot.

EngagementLocation005A favorite restaurant can make for a perfect shoot location.

EngagementLocation006We shot this couple throughout Philadelphia.

EngagementLocation007This couple had their engagement session back where they met in elementary school.

EngagementLocation008NYC’s busy streets made for beautiful, bright photos.

EngagementLocation009This couple’s marathon shoot showcased one of their favorite activities.

EngagementLocation010The Philadelphia Museum of Art made a beautiful background for this couple’s photo session.

EngagementLocation011Ever consider an old train tunnel for your engagement shoot?


EngagementLocation014What could be a more comfortable location than your own bedroom for an engagement session?

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