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Kathryn and Sean: Fishing, Camping, Trains, Oh My!

Fun, freedom and creativity spawned the fishing-camping-foody-themed double date that JPG photography calls an engagement shoot.

When planning an engagement shoot we ask our couples to think of landmarks that showcase a city or location, key places in their lives, and fun activities they share. We push our couples to choose things that are not the norm. Kathryn and Sean talked about being outdoorsy, so we helped them run with the idea of a two-tiered themed shoot in Fairmount Park outside with all the camping gear, nooks and crannies to make it feel like a lightning round of a camping trip. We followed that with some classy photos in Chestnut Hill.

Kathryn and Sean fearlessly tackled the Wissahickon Creek fishing gear in hand. Just like a real camping adventure they had trouble setting up the tent, they slipped on moss-covered rocks, and of course found water in uncomfortable places (let’s leave it at that.) The fun lies in the journey. We caught some great sun and used reflections to showcase hidden treasures in the City of Brotherly Love.

Back in Chestnut Hill, while a SEPTA train was waiting to depart the Chestnut Hill West Station, we snuck Kathryn and Sean on, “Risky Business” style, for a quick makeout session. Finally we got some great shots in the back of the Iron Hill Brewery where Kathryn use to serve.

TIPS for the best engagement shoot:

1. Be yourself and find locations that are going to bring out your personalities.

2. Have fun by not taking yourself too seriously.

3. Always bring an extra change of clothes weather it be for fishing or incase you lie down in bird poop. (That one has actually happened).

Kathryn and Sean, thank you for your enthusiasm and willingness to be risky and bold. Your engagement shoot was a truly memorable experience for me! I wish you the very best in your lives together! Good luck on your big day!



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