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Amanda and Mark’s Boston Baby Family Shoot

Bec and I scheduled a fun engagement shoot for Rebecca and Adrian in Boston, so we decided to see one of my best friends from college and a bridesmaid from our own wedding, Amanda, her husband, Mark, and their toddler, Georgia. After capturing wonderful photos in the warmth of their home, we ventured out into the frigid Boston weather and visited a nearby park. Instead of a simple portrait shoot, we were able to live a day in the life you this young family giving us the chance to capture real, everyday moments. One of my favorite shots was at a Dunkin Donuts shop with Mark and Georgia; he is walking into the shop with her nestled on his shoulder while he orders breakfast.

Afterwards Amanda and Mark dressed Georgia in a beautiful white and red dress where she stole the show. She loved the beautiful fall foliage—the red in her dress playing against the rich orange and crimson of the fallen leaves.  I love this type of shooting because rather than sitting Georgia in a studio with some props, I was able to document a fun day of lifelong memories in this toddler’s life—capturing real moments. While studio photos have their merit, I prefer capturing real and genuine moments. Georgia will forget this day, but she will be able to cherish it later in life. That feeling of comfort she has in her father’s arms waiting in line at Dunkin Donuts are moments I love to preserve. Amanda and Mark, love you both! So proud of you and your baby girl!


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