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Britt and Brett’s Connecticut Family Session

I was so excited when I received an email from Britt and Brett asking us to do a family portrait shoot with them. Britt was a bridesmaid in a Roanoke, Virginia wedding, and last year, Britt married Brett where Bec was the primary photographer during the celebration. Now that they have their beautiful little boy, Arlo, they wanted to document their expanding family. As they are both busy medical professionals, Britt and Brett just wanted their portraits to reflect a carefree afternoon at home.

Brett had some creative ideas for pictures and I was able to take his idea, expand and execute it in a way that fit with the overall feeling of the shoot. Brett sat next to his diaper-clad son in his own tighty-whities. He also wanted to document a typical scene admiring the expansive piece of Connecticut nature that surrounds his home by having he and his son look out through his back screen doors.

One of the funniest unscripted moments from the day was when Britt was playing with her son above her and an ooze of drool descended from Arlo’s mouth to that of his mother and stayed there for a few seconds. While it was pretty gross, I was glad not to have missed this real moment of a mother. When thinking about family photography, and you want real and honest work that you’re going to laugh about fifty years from now, whether it be a picture in your underwear next to your baby or a drool mishap, photojournalism by JPG is who you want by your side.



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