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Casey and Aalap Family Photos in Alexandria VA

There’s nothing like watching love grow in leaps and bounds, and the Sabnis family illustrated this literally at our most recent family shoot…with a lot of skipping, jumping, leaping and, yes, bounding.

In 2007, we had the pleasure of photographing Aalap and Casey’s wedding. Then, a few years later, we did family photos in Alexandria, VA, this time featuring their little guy, Daken. This year, Daken turned five, and I was thrilled to be able to capture more family moments with this crew.

Starting at their home, everybody read books together, played with trucks and tackled on the couch (wearing a Philadelphia Eagles helmet, of course. Go Birds!). It’s these small moments together that really make memories.

Later, we recreated photos that we took three years ago on the same streets. Now that their son is older we went to bigger playgrounds where his awesome red Chuck’s lit up the monkey bars for some fantastic family shots. Here, too, is where the entire family leaped and bounded down the sidewalk, swinging Daken between them with every step. After dinner we got some ice cream, and Daken’s face was priceless when Casey and Aalap kissed over him with his cone in hand.

Casey and Aalap, I loved seeing your beautiful family again; it has been amazing to keep up with you guys on your journey with your son.


Joe G.

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