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Devon and John’s Family Photos in DC

There’s nothing like fall weather, bare baby toes, and hammocks to make for the perfect family shoot! Devon, John, and their 4 month old little boy asked JPG to join them this fall in Garfield Park, not far from Capitol Hill, for an awesome combo of geometric patterns and fallen leaves.

As the sun went down, I was able to capture Devon and her son in the soft autumn glow of the sun. John’s time with his little one was equally memorable: his snuggles and funny faces could always make him smile. From murals to tree canopies, we found a bunch of amazing backgrounds for this family to be their fun-loving selves.

We were also able to recreate Devon and John’s engagement photo on the swings that we took four years prior, but now we got to add their new family member in between! I’ve loved getting to know Devon and John over the years, but especially now as they welcome such an sweet little baby to their family and strengthen their bond even more.

I had a blast spending such a beautiful day with you guys! Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this special time.


Joe G.

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