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Pondok Family Portraits in Suburban New York City

JPG has been with Theresa and Scott’s family for 6 years! We were at their wedding in 2008, then with them for family portraits in 2010 with their first child, and now, we went back to see them and there are 3 kids! We love being there to document that time in families’ lives when time seems to fly by so quickly that if you blink, you might miss it.

Rebecca and I came to Theresa and Scott’s home to photograph them just being them. Who wants fake backdrops and starched collars when you can get pictures of your family doing what they actually do, in your home, together? At JPG, we come into family shoots allowing everyone to be themselves. For kids, that means playing, running, and laughing with photographers clicking cameras all around them. For parents, this means being able to thoroughly enjoy their time with their kids without worrying who is standing where.

We organized a few portraits, but family isn’t about being perfect or sitting still, so the perfect shots we got of this amazing crew are of them jumping on the bed, playing with trains and digging in the dirt outside. By letting kids be kids, we bring out their fun-loving personalities.

As this was JPG’s fourth shoot with Theresa and Scott, we were thrilled to see how we have been a part of their lives for so long. We look forward to the next phase of your family’s journey together!


Joe and Rebecca G.

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Photographers on this Shoot

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