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Family Photo Shoot in Maryland

At JPG, we love family photography because it’s an opportunity for a more complete story. This family shoot with Danielle, Rob, and their little girl Anna was more than just a normal day at the park. Danielle called it a necessity as it is the first shoot as a new family.

Anna is Danielle’s daughter and Rob is her stepdad, so the two of them wanted to show Anna how much she is loved by them both.

Danielle and Rob both ride hogs, which they rode over to the park while I brought Anna in my car. It was a gorgeous spring day and the perfect afternoon for the family to spend together playing in the fields.

Danielle and Rob kept picking Anna up and spinning her around, and everyone was having a wonderful time.

The love of this family glows in the silhouettes and sunset-lit portraits, one of which hangs in their home to remind Anna as she grows up how much she is loved. It was really important to Danielle and Rob to surround her with pictures that represent this love.

Danielle, Rob, and Anna, we hope you look back on these pictures for many years to come and feel the same love and joy for each other as on this day. Thanks for choosing JPG to capture it!

Joe G.

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