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Glen Echo, Art Deco, and the Ashton Family!

Family photo shoots are always a blast! This is especially true when we get to travel to capture vibrant and energetic people like the Ashton family. This session was extra fun, because we went to the super cool Glen Echo retro amusement park. I have a passion for travel, and that wonder-lust is often fulfilled through my career in photography. From California to Quebec, I’ve seized every possible opportunity to set out with JPG to destination weddings and fun attractions like the Ashton family shoot in Maryland.

The park was full of art deco style architecture, a mix of urban and rural landscape, bright flowers, and the sky was a cheery blue. These elements complimented the high-energy vibes of the Ashton family, which made for colorful photos that really pop. Most of our shooting time was filled with group hugs, kisses and silly faces (not just from the kids, either!). This is where JPG’s style flourishes– when we get to capture the real joy and craziness of the kids, and the parent’s sense of humor! This family dynamic definitely came through in our time together, with minimal posing and free-style family fun!

At JPG, we absolutely love meeting new people, and visiting new places. In this case, I knew Sarah from college, but I loved meeting the rest of her family and spending a few fun hours with them. It was great to see a shoot come together where the family, the location, and JPG’s style mesh so perfectly! We pride ourselves on fostering an atmosphere where our subjects are comfortable while we take their photos, and we never want to diminish your family’s natural vibe– we want to highlight it!

Many thanks to the Ashtons! We hope to see you soon to photograph more special moments, and to share lots more laughs!

Best, Joe
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