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JPG Teaches Another Successful Photography Workshop!

JPG has always had a blast passing on our photojournalism expertise through photography workshops. Twice a year, we gather 4 or 5 students who want to learn how to use their personal DSLR cameras and better understand the process of photography with our introduction to photography workshop. Our students have expressed many different reasons for wanting to learn more– from taking pictures of their kids, to landscapes, to “I invested in this camera, but never use it!” JPG is here to help because besides being a professional, I’ve taught on the collegiate level.

In addition to equipping our students with general knowledge, our main goal is to make this practical. This can be overwhelming– obviously, teaching more than a decade of knowledge in one day would be enough to overwhelm anyone . We understand that operating professional photography equipment can be daunting at first, but we take it slow, and by the afternoon, ALL of our workshop our students are shooting completely in manual mode! It’s pretty impressive to see someone not understanding what ISO is, and just later that day know how to adjust their shutter and aperture just right.

We were happy to have another successful day. Each family emerged as better photographers, with some awesome shots by the other families. If you’re tired of being frustrated with your camera, this is the class for you. And in the process, make new friends and contact JPG to sign up for our next workshop (likely this November). Even if Philadelphia isn’t your home, we also organize traveling workshops. Inquire to learn how to organize a private workshop in your area. Thanks, and keep on shooting.

Best, Joe G.

(Many of the photos below were taken by the students themselves!)…Can you spot the infamous Naked Biker Couple and their kids?!?

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Photographers on this Shoot

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