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Our Naked Biker Couple Had a Baby!

JPG is proud to announce that Kim and Nate, our famous “Naked Biker Couple,” welcomed their son Justus into the family on November 18th, 2012, just in time for Thanksgiving!

In 2009, we shot Kim and Nate’s Philadelphia-area wedding, which happened to coincide with the annual Philly Naked Bike Ride. We took a photo of the brave pair looking impressively nonchalant, albeit amused, in a stream of bare bikers. Did we mention that Kim and Nate are both pastors’ kids as well? Needless to say, the naked biker tale became an instant legend when they returned to their reception and shared the experience with their families.

The naked biker photo won two awards in 2009 from the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) and the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) Who knew that shot would become the poster picture for JPG Photography?

While we may be best known for weddings, JPG also loves family photography. This Christmas we were delighted to visit Kim, Nate and baby Justus Nelson Brown for their first portraits as a family of three. By the looks of those tiny feet, we think he may be a biker someday…hopefully not a naked one!

Congratulations to Kim and Nate, we were honored to document these moments of joy. And to baby Justus, may the wind be always at your back (even when it’s bare).

Joe G.

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