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Taylor Family Portrait Session

As a birthday present, the Taylors wanted to gift the matriarch of their family with images from a fun photo shoot at their home. With a pond, old train tracks and some woods behind the house, I was more than excited to get creative with this family.

With all the new relationships and kids gathered together, we went for some some non-traditional family photography to take advantage of the setting and these personalities. Family portraits don’t have to be boring! Just as we would on any shoot, we want to show off everyone’s quirks and incorporate important locations and activities.

One of my favorites shots has the family gathered on some rocks in front of the pond with their reflections showing in the still water. We also did some fun experiments with exposure, and the family got to spell out their name with lights in the dim of the forest!

Think about JPG for your next family photo shoot. You bring the personality, and we’ll capture it for you! Many thanks to the Taylor family.

Joe G.

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