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Welcoming Twin Girls: Fifi’s Birth & Newborn Photography

One of my favorite aspects of photojournalism is the real connections I am able to make with my subjects. Capturing moments at weddings and engagement shoots is great, but there is something special about newborn and birth photography that ads an extra bit of meaning to my job. Welcoming new life– in this case, lives— forms a bond among its witnesses, that surpasses any other event that I am privileged to capture.

Although I’ve never shot a live birth, I have, on many occasions, been invited into the room just moments after to capture the special moment where the family comes together.  In this case, Fifi’s twins were schedule in June, but they were delivered more than a month early, meaning they needed intensive care. Instead of pushing for one quick photo, we decided that the homecoming day was the special event to capture.

When Fifi first called me, ecstatic about the upcoming birth of her girls, we instantly clicked. As we made plans to photograph that day at Abington Memorial Hospital, we began a budding friendship that would last even after the girls were born. What sparked this friendship was me and Fifi’s mutual love of travel and photographic vision, but what rooted it deeply was the day that those two little lives united everyone together. Some of my favorite moments include the first time Fifi and her husband held their twins without monitor chords attached to them; when Fifi watched her husband carry two carseats out the hospital doors; when the twins first met the family dog; and when they finally lay down in their crib side-by-side — sister-to-sister. I felt so honored to have shared these moments creating an instant family.

I want to say again how grateful I am to have been there through this amazing time. Thank you to Fifi and her loved ones for welcoming me and allowing JPG Photography to be a part of your growing family! Looking forward to documenting these two beauties throughout their lives!

Best, Joe

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***Names have been omitted from this post to maintain family privacy.


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