Tip Tuesday: Documenting Pets

The hardest part about documenting pets is that it’s like herding cats. At my wedding Friday, Jess and Jerry brought their two adorable dogs. The wonderful Kimpton Hotel allows pets on their property and Jess and Jerry wanted their dogs to be a part of the festivities. My bride and groom’s one dog, Bailey, was not the most cooperative subject. She is an adorable slobbering lady, who, at one point, slobbered on my 85 1.8 lens so much that it prevented me from taking pictures until I cleaned it. Later on, there was a birthday cake, as it was not simply the bride’s wedding day but her 30th birthday. The cake was left out and Bailey decided to start eating it. Bailey, at this point had eaten more of the cake than anyone else at the wedding. So, as a photographer and a pet parent of two dogs, it was decision time: save the cake or shoot the moment?

Knowing my Trudy and her iron stomach, I could tell Bailey could probably eat a bit of the cake without leaving her parents with more wedding presents than they were prepared for. So, I let her take a few swigs with her tongue before I shooed her away. I hope no one (PETA) hates me for that. It turned out to be an adorable photo as you can see below. Working with pets can be difficult because you have to get low and move around often. A majority of the time, you will look like an idiot, but as long as you can get over that, then you can take great photos of not just a pet, but an important part of the family.


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