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Shelly and John’s “First Hour” Birth Photo Shoot

At JPG, we want to be there for more than just your wedding day. We’d love to capture all the important days of your life, which is just what we do for our family and maternity photography. Birth is one of the most pure types of photojournalism event to shoot, because there really is nothing to pose, just a thousand emotions going a million miles an hour.

Shelly and John, whose wedding we shot a few years ago, welcomed their little boy Jackson into the world on Thanksgiving day last year.

I got the call the night before that Shelly was going into labor, so we went over to the hospital to hang out with the family before the birth. I was thankful to be able to capture those anxious hours of waiting and passing the time.

Some families want their births fully documented as they happen. While we will do this for those who desire it, we don’t feel that it’s as important to be there for the birth as for the first few moments and hours of the baby’s life, when everything is a blur of emotion and excitement.

That’s why we offer what I like to call “first hour” photography.

When we were told little Jackson had been born, I followed John into the room to capture the amazement of father and son meeting for the first time.

I took a few shots of the baby before the rest of the family came in, so they’d have some calm portraits before he was showered with love and kisses. It is a beautiful thing to document those tender moments and first reactions.

Congratulations, Shelly and John, and welcome to the world, Jackson!

Joe G.

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