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Brave Hearts Event for Children’s Education

While much of JPG Photography’s work culminates in shooting weddings and engagements, whenever we get the opportunity, we love to give back to our larger Philadelphia community by shooting non-profit events through our charity branch, JPG Cares. It was a pleasure to be able to shoot Brave Hearts for Strong Minds’ community event for children’s education in Wyndmoor, PA.

The organization Brave Hearts for Strong Minds was formed in 2012 after the passing of a much loved community member, whose wife and four kids were left with financial and educational expenses. Now, on the Saturday before Father’s Day, the organization hosts a community event at LaSalle College High School to raise funds for education, benefiting children who have lost a parent.

Hundreds of community members came together for a day of music, games, and fun events for the worthy cause. A live band kept the mood light with upbeat music and a charity walk was held where 100% of each walker’s proceeds were donated to charity. Our own Photo Booth was present for the fun, too! The man that won the 50/50 game of the day actually took all of his prize money and donated it back to charity. His kindness harkened back to the meaning of the day, which was the importance of a child’s education.

Brave Hearts, it was an honor for us at JPG to work with your charity for children’s education. Thank you for letting us be part of such a great cause.

Grace W.


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