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The 2014 Brave Hearts for Strong Minds Walk

The non-profit Brave Hearts for Strong Minds has a beautiful mission statement and I loved being a part of their events! One of our past clients Joe Spause started the organization in 2012. We even recently shot his wife’s birthday party  in Philly, and then heard about his fantastic non-profit! Joe created BHFSM after his brother-in-law unexpectedly passed away. As if the grieving process wasn’t hard enough, the family also had to worry about the cost of college for the kids. With the loss of an income-earning parent there is a lot of worrying about money, and Joe wanted to find a way to help. The community and company sponsors families who have lost an income-earning parent and helps raise funds for the kids’ educations, while supporting the family emotionally any way they can. Joe asked Gustavo and I to shoot a commercial and PR video for the organization so we had the pleasure of meeting the first sponsored family, the Reilley’s, and then the DiGiamacco’s, this year’s sponsored family. We filmed at their ‘pay it forward’ dinner where the families meet. They ate and talked together, and the solidarity was truly heart-warming. Because I loved the dinner and families so much, I wanted to attend their walk as well. Each year they hold a mile long walk with lots of games for the kids at La Salle College High School. Our photo booth was there, along with a balloon guy, and  an awesome band. There was free ice cream, Philly pretzels, and other yummy snacks. This unique and inspirational organization threw a party, and we loved being there for it! It was a great family day, and it was great for the families to not feel alone in their grief or hopes for their kids. Can’t wait to see you at next year’s walk! Best wishes, Laura H. and Gustavo blog_logo001 blog_logo002 blog_logo003 blog_logo004 blog_logo005 blog_logo006 blog_logo007 blog_logo008Vid3

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