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Brent Celek’s Turkey Day Give Away: Operation Thanksgiving

We were thrilled to be called back to document the good work that one of our star Eagles is doing. Partnering with ACME Markets, Brent Celek’s Take Flight Foundation gave out over 200 thanksgiving meals to philadelphia families of critically ill children.

That evening, President of ACME Jim Perkins, and his staff, generously donated his time and resources to the families loading shopping carts full of free food. Many of the families which came out had children in the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and other local hospitals. The Take Flight Foundation provides resources and technology to children suffering from severe or chronic illness. This help aids in the recovery through tedious treatment and long hospital visits. With the sometimes crippling expenses of medical costs, Celek’s event allowed some families to have a beautiful Thanksgiving meal, that may not have otherwise been possible.

Accompanied by some Eagles cheerleaders and mascot Swoop, Celek signed footballs, and worked his way around to greet the families. The market was packed full of excited young children who eagerly awaited their turn to meet Brent. (Although, Celek will admit the mascot may have gotten more love from the kids.)

ACME and the Take Flight Foundation are two exemplary examples of organizations committed to helping people in need. Celek and ACME Markets continue to show dedication to the children of Philadelphia. JPG Photography is proud to be a part of their work.


Joe G.


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