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Devereaux’s Annual Non-Profit Gala at Vie

When JPG hears the call to support an organization that does astounding work for the community, we jump at the opportunity to explore their world. The annual fundraiser for Devereaux was an extravagant affair in the heart of center city at Vie, a part of the Cescaphe Event Group. The decorations were fun, yet elegant, surrounding guests as they enjoyed their the silent auction and meeting others who shared their passion for the school. Bidders had the opportunity to snatch up donated items such as sports memorabilia, date nights and vacations (One of which I regret not winning).

Organizers of Devereaux’s Annual Gala wanted to offer a product to their donors as a show of the school’s appreciation for their past and continued support. JPG was called in to provide quality group photos with step-and-repeat services, giving guests a souvenir of their time at the event and their relationship with Devereaux.

We first became acquainted with Devereaux, a school for children with special needs, through the work of EBE Entertainment and our photographer, Stacey, who had cultivated a relationship with JB Baum, publisher for Main Line Today and avid supporter of the school. It is always a treat to see the generosity shared with nonprofits and charities, and to aid children they may never meet in person.

It was an honor to become further acquainted with this organization and the giving people that keep it going. We look forward to continuing to document Devereaux’s story for years to come.


Joe G.


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