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Spause Family Birthday at Frankford Hall

The Spause family threw quite a birthday party for Tracey at one of our favorite venues, Frankford Hall. Tracey (who doesn’t look a day over 25) and her husband Joe relaxed before guests arrived by playing some Jenga and having a few beers. Joe has been a buddy of mine since high school! It was great to catch up and spend a Saturday afternoon with great company, food, and drink.

The afternoon was nice and chill, making it easy to enjoy the day. The cake by Breden Becks Bakery was ridiculously cool! As Philly photographers we love finding new vendors in the area and their cake was a piece of art. It helps that Joe always treats everyone like family, making sure there is enough beer and food to go around.

Recently Joe started Brave Hearts for Strong Minds, and we are excited to document the fundraiser coming up! JPG loves to capture special moments in families, while supporting their passions and work at the same time!

Happy Birthday Tracey, and see you at the fundraiser, Joe!


Joe G.

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